Working to make money..a bad thing…?

 A lot of people work hard because they want to earn money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In my own humble opinion, I think earning money is one of the main reasons people strive to work hard , it’s either they get it through their paychecks (employment) or from profit (business).

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Introduction.. hi!

Hi, Welcome to my blog.

I’m Josh, if you’re interested to have a more personal connection with me, feel free to add me on Facebook. My Facebook.

Okay.. hello, hi there, there are lot of reasons of why you’re here.. I can think of a few ( just got by, read a blog post, a link you got from me, a link on my wall, etc ).., and whatever reason it is, you’re very welcome to read/surf my blog.

Anyway, Why did I make a blog?  Well, a lot of people seem to be blogging, and as I see it.. its an effective way to express your opinions and knowledge online. I started this blog with the intention to SHARE my insights on things that I hope can be of help to people on just about anything I share. Specifically, I’ll be sharing greatly on my experiences and stories as a BIG dreamer, a FUN person and an entrepreneur. I’ll also be sharing my ideas and take on network marketing as a network marketer.