Do what the rich people do


Lately, I’ve been reading blogs and articles about business which tackled on topics like trends on the market, business news and of course, network marketing.  I’m not the type of person who is fond of reading.

But I believe, when you’re really interested and committed on something, you have that (what we call) ‘burning desire’, the passion that allows you to seek answers even without anyone telling you to.

From reading several blogs, I have come across a book, one of the best selling business books by a business author named Robert Kiyosaki, entitled Rich dad, Poor dad.

A very simple but great concept that he taught in his book was the importance of knowing what assets and liabilities are.  According to Kiyosaki, the reason why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class struggle financially is primarily because of how they are different in managing their assets and liabilities.  The poor has only expenses. The middle class buys liabilities mistaking it to be assets. Meanwhile, the rich acquire assets.


What is an asset anyway? Kiyosaki defines an asset in simple words as something that puts money in your pocket while a liability is something that takes money out from your pocket.

The shortest way to success is to follow the footsteps of successful people. So If you’re that kind of person who wants to BE financially successful, you HAVE to follow or do what the rich do—  Acquire ASSETS.


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