85% ATTITUDE , 15% on skills

A few days ago, I had a super cool experience as our founder and CEO in my MLM company conducted a very special training for us. I tell you, it was totally a blast.

The topic of the training is about attitude vs skills.The training was not the typical seminar type that we usually do. Rather, it was presented in a play/skit where we got to imagine, think and analyze and all that. Anyway, what I want to share to YOU, the basic things that were discussed in the training.


1. Our attitude greatly determines our success (financial success).

Most of the time, WE spend a tremendous amount of time figuring out and focusing on WHAT skill(s) we need to acquire to become successful instead of knowing first what are the traits or attitudes of a successful person.
Our attitude determines how we work, how persistent, consistent and hardworking WE can be in achieving our goals.

2. Being good/skillful at your field may be because you have the right attitude to start with.


Skills and knowledge are important in just about any work (be it running a business or having a job). But you know, skills are not something we are born with, it’s not something that we only do once or twice and suddenly acquire that skill like magic, We study and we do sets of hard practice to attain a skill.
Realistically, most skills are very hard, bothersome to acquire, and time-consuming. Lots, very lots of effort and determination are necessary to acquire a certain skill, let alone master it. Having the desire to attain certain skills is an attitude.


One thought on “85% ATTITUDE , 15% on skills

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