My No-brainer reasons why I joined DLC (the 2nd Amway)

There are a lot of people involved in the network marketing industry, and last year the biggest network marketing company in the world (Amway) has broken again it’s record on sales in a year. This should be one of the reasons to be excited in this business and the industry has never been bigger.

Lately, I’ve been compiling my ideas,knowledge and perceptions in just about anything in a notebook that I bought that was specifically just for my drafts for blog. Writing just about anything, and was mostly business. I came across reading my own reasons why Diamond Lifestyle Corporation is just the best company.

Here I want to share my top simple reasons why I joined Diamond Lifestyle Corporation as a distributor/business owner and why YOU should consider doing it too.

1. It’s the Real Deal.


While there’s a lot MLM companies out there, the cold truth is only few are legit and many out there are just scam gimmicks. And DLC is one of the very few companies that is really a channel to sell goods.

Btw, if you don’t have a clear idea about MLM or network marketing and you’re open to know what this amazing opportunity really is.. YOU might want to read this first <blog post> 

2. DLC has NO owner(s) so – It puts ALL or 100% of its profit in the compensation plan. 


I would say that this company can give the highest commissions, NOT specifically in terms of profit margins but in shares of the profit margin. Since it doesn’t have an owner, all of the remaining profit made by the profit margins of the products only goes to the compensation plan. So whatever the profit margin may be, if you’re one of us, all you have to do is work and it’s all yours.

3.The Heart, Leadership and expertise of the Founder- Eddy Chai.

His website-


Eddy founded this awesome company out of love for this industry, invested at least 300 million pesos to start this company and chose not to be an owner to make a MLM revolution(a company of,by and for the distributors) which shows what kind of heart he has.

By giving up what was rightfully his, Eddy now leads the company not as an owner but as a distributor too. And we all know that True leadership is leading by example.

And lastly, he used his expertise in marketing plans to come up with a fair, straightforward, and NO BS compensation plan. And sometimes, I really forget that he only finished high school. This guy is a genius.

4. Rock star quality awesome products & it’s Hypermarket goal -NO owner, NO estimate for cost..

josh rockstar

The goal of the company is to provide good to excellent products on just about any product category. In the 3 years operation in the country (Philippines), DLC has continued to add high quality and well priced products for distributors/business owners like me to market.

FYI–  ALL products sold by the company carry ’30 days satisfaction guarantee’.

As of now, it has almost 100 products business owners can market in the country.

YOU can check out some of the products at my Facebook timeline

And that’s just as simple as it is.. and again.. if you don’t have a clear idea about network marketing, about its marketing and business concept. YOU might want to read this blog post too..>>Understanding Network Marketing.

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2 thoughts on “My No-brainer reasons why I joined DLC (the 2nd Amway)

    • Yes, if the founders of companies are willing to give up their shares of profit and just be a rep to earn, then its possible. Thanks bro for your insight, gonna check your blog now.

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