One Amazing book; “Who moved my cheese?”

Today, I want to share about the book I just recently finished reading, titled “who moved my cheese?” author Spencer Johnson.


If you are a person who is fond of reading, especially ones that provides great VALUE, I’m definitely sure you’ll like this one.

Even if you are not fond of reading (like me) this book has a very uplifting and amusingly entertaining story that it will not bore you and will give you outstanding value.

I won’t tell anything about the story and spoil the excitement, but at least I’ll tell you what the book is about.

The book is about- Change

As you read through its pages, the book will slowly but surely reveal to you profound truths about change in a way that is amazingly simple to understand.

For me, the cool thing about reading this book is that it taught me things that are not even directly written in the book; (1) To take immediate ACTION– that leads to.. if not immediate, quicker results and (2) Focusing more on the POSITIVE side of change.

A lot of people are afraid of change, thinking that change might lead to something bad or even worse. In change, instead of thinking what you can lose, why not think of what you could gain? Thinking this way, pushes you to take risks and take immediate action.

I hope you like this post. Peace be with you, God bless.

Please do me a favor by commenting below if you are planning to read the book. And if you had already do so, please do share us your insights about the book.

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