Focusing your mind on positive things to create positive results


“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”

― Heraclitus

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Was the quote that came to my mind when I was listening to songs on my phone while thinking random things..

thinking of what I should eat today?
thinking if I should join our company’s weight loss challenge to win to get the cash prize
thinking about the things I could have done but was unable to do so (mainly due to fear)
thinking about the things I’ve done that I regret doing

thinking about the things that I want to achieve and happen in my life.

I was thinking a lot randomly, positive ones and negative ones all together. But one thing I was sure of, it was clearly more on the positive things, things that I have control of and things that can help me have a fulfilling future.

A few years back, I was like this crazy emo type of guy who can’t let go of the past and was unconsciously thinking and blabbering mostly on negative things. In fact, thinking negative is by a large margin easier than thinking positive.

And today, that part of me is just a plain memory. Now, I always ‘want to’ focus on positive things that can constantly change me into being a better person. Looking ahead positively in life forces you take action, for you to turn your thoughts into reality.

Of course I still do have negative thoughts, every now and then, but who doesn’t have any? Even the most positive persons in the planet still have negative stuff entering their minds. Not that we want to, it’s just normal for negative stuff to come into our minds especially when negative things happens.

The problem is that most people (including me before) unconsciously focus their energy either on negative stuff that have happened in the past or currently happening. The solution is to put that focus on positive things that have happened and happening now, and you’ll begin to see and appreciate things far more better.

What does our thinking (positive & negative) have to do in the making of our future? Well, you see, we know that our mind is the master control of our body and our way of thinking reflects how we make decisions. Most decisions we make are made unconsciously. (Jim Nightingale, “we simply decide without thinking much about the decision process.”).

Having a sense of direction (positive direction) is a fantastic feeling, and by just thinking about how it can help you get the things you want in life.


And talking about our dreams in life, every one of us has a little bit of different versions from one another. As for me, just the thought that my chosen profession can help me make my dreams come true is an uplifting feeling. My vision of getting to know more people and having new friends, being able to travel anywhere with family and friends and being able to live the lifestyle I want while being me are maybe few of the coolest things that can happen in my life.

While making that dream possible is still a work in progress, I’m thankful and glad that finally I had taken that decision of wanting to be a successful person whatever it takes.

If you want positive changes in your results, you have to change the your actions.

If you want to change your actions, you have to change how you think -It all starts in the mind.

As you have decided to change the way you think, thinking more positively, and want to become successful no matter what, feel free to share your thoughts below on the comment area.

Peace Be with you, God bless

Joshua Nailes

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