Playing the guitar again – Persistence and hardwork

I want to post this before I go do my fast exercise now.


Just recently, I think about a week from now. Due to listening to a lot of really cool music lately.. I’ve decided to pick up my guitar and start to practice again playing.

( and at the same time, hoping that my singing voice would improve too. LOL.  )

(Filler – playing in a studio and to perform in front of a small crowd is part of my dream lifestyle.)

While playing late at night then, I suddenly remembered my first few months of learning playing the guitar and on how much effort I had put on just to learn back then.

One thought that has also popped in my mind were the kind of people that makes excuses on not being able to do that something because of their lack of talent.

While I don’t consider myself ‘great’ in guitar playing (humbly speaking here) – I’m quite aware that my guitar skills are somewhat good in the amateur level.

In fact, through the years, the only thing most of my friends commended about me is my guitar playing ability.

I remember a time when I used to teach guitar playing to friends and acquaintances-there were 2 kinds of people I had taught .The first group of people were slow learners but would work hard, do it anyway and would really learn through time by practicing. The other group are those who would just quit in the middle of learning just because they struggled.

YOU can ignore this–>> **Anyway I haven’t experience to teach talented ones, I’m not talented too btw,**

there are several reasons why I think the last group quit learning to play the guitar (basically two kinds of people asked me to teach them guitar so thus the group)  (1) they were really not that interested in the first place (2) they want to play, but they’re quitters and excuse makers.

These kind of people usually have made the excuse that they don’t have the talent and that they’re just not cut for this (guitar playing). The first time played the guitar, I had struggled a lot, I was not that talented guy type like we see in John Mayer who would just like had easily learned everything but even with all the struggles – I still practiced hard and so much to the point I was still practicing even when everybody in our house was asleep.

What I want to say here – If you want something – Go get it! Even though You lack talent or whatever you’re lacking.. Just do it anyway!

May it be a skill you literally don’t have, whether its for your business, Job, or just anything you want- dude I’m telling you again, Just do it anyway!

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