You can be the greatest – Songs that inspires.


Hey, there, what’s up? Today I want to share to you an inspirational song I just heard recently made by an awesome band – The script, featuring on the song is Black eyed peas Aren’t they (The script) one of the coolest bands ever?

Anyway, aside from the song what I want to recommend to you is to ‘search and try out’ songs that can give you inspiration. (inspirational songs, try to find cool ones though.)

If you’re like me, who is fond of listening to good music and listens to music on almost a daily basis, you’re definitely going to feel a quicker positive response on the song I’m about to share – cause you’re probably like me who enjoys songs and tries to understand the meaning of lyrics on songs.

If you’re reading this right now – what I want is for you to be inspired. I want you to believe on yourself. Believe that you can get that dream of yours – that you can have a wonderful life ahead.

I want you to be inspired- look for that inspiration.

It can be about being inspired for ‘getting’ or ‘having:

  • your type of romantic relationship you want to have,- I prefer to have a cool and fun.
  • the kind of lifestyle you want to have.
  • getting that BIG promotion
  • more opportunities for your business that leads to taking more action.

My message for you is to look for that Inspiration — for you to be better and for you to think that you have that potential to be anything you want to be – if you dedicate yourself to be better on what you want to be.

Anyway here’s the song “hall of fame by the Script featuring

Enjoy 🙂 Be inspired.

P.S As you’re watching the video, listen carefully to the message. If you know some other songs that gives inspiration, please do share it with us through the comments.

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