My business experience -Don’t get too emotional, just let them be :)



I want to share to you very quick here, a very fascinating thing I’ve observed over the time through the course of my network marketing business. And its about how ridiculously how some people  who are somewhat negative about my business, particularly in network marketing, asks funny requests and questions from me.

I just noticed it recently when I’m having a little conversation with a friend on Facebook – who is somewhat negative about my business. At first, our chat was just about greeting each other and asking how well each other had been (the typical Facebook chat) and then suddenly he/she asked if I can give him a free product which I said No (of course in a nice manner but quick and straight answer.)

I just tell them straight to the point that I’m not rich yet, and if they’re asking me to treat them for dinner or give them a free product – I’m answering straight on too, that I can’t afford to throw away money right now for you – at least not by giving away free products for someone who doesn’t believe on what I’m doing and treat someone for dinner just to show off that I’m doing better than you now.

I’ll treat someone to a meal when I feel like it. And treating someone to a meal just for the sake of showing off is all hype and not cool. Plus it’s not an effective marketing technique or strategy anyway – only pyramid schemers use that.. and I’m in business.

It can be maddening and sad at first but as time flew by, I kinda been used to those remarks and find them funny now 🙂 I mean really funny, when some friend asks me If I’m already rich or If I can give them some free product. It’s really hilarious as it can get LOL 🙂

Here’s the truth

If you’re in this kind of business too, 99% of the time you’re probably going to experience things like this from friends and colleagues, my tip for you is –  just let them be.

Just let them do their thing – to check you out on how you’re doing. Anyway, I know a lot of people that even though are not with me in my network marketing business, they still have a sense of high respect for this business and sees this as a good and cool business option for people who doesn’t have any other business option.

I mean, it’s a no brainer thing for me, that even if you don’t do the wholesale side of the business and just do the retail part. It’s still a good business option because you get to start by paying a very small capital.

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P.S Don’t get too emotional on what negative people say about you,just go for your goals.

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