The Big A (Amway) – Lowest yet Biggest.


I’m guessing the title wasn’t clear enough for you to understand, anyway it’s enough for a blog post LOL  🙂 … anyway, I just really want to make the blog title short to point out 2 things.

I mean it, really.

Anyway, What did I mean by Lowest yet Biggest?

First let’s talk about what a lot of marketers say about how The Big A (Amway) pays one of the lowest in this industry.

For one, this is true, If you’ll study the compensation plan of Amway, you’ll see that they pay out at most 27.75% for bonuses & incentives.


And when I say yet biggest.. Even though they pay low in bonuses, they are literally the Biggest.

If you’re in network marketing, you probably know the largest Network Marketing company in the world is Amway.  If you’re quite long in this business, I assumed you do, if not – at least Now you know 🙂 that they’re the TOP network marketing company in terms of sales volume. As a matter of fact, last year (2012), they did 11 Billion USD Sales volume turnover, out producing any network marketing company by billions of dollars in sales.

Trivia The 2nd largest network marketing company did a 1.7 Billion USD in sales the year 2012.

You may wonder how is it that Amway can make a ridiculous amount of sales volume when their compensation plan is one of the smallest paying plan out in the niche?

One Fact.

They are a Real Network Marketing Company – They are in the business to sell products .

Thus, they do not have clauses that are loopholes in their compensation plan where lazy distributors can play the money game like what a lot of companies have in the market.

It’s funny how a lot of marketers bash Amway on how poorly they pay when they can’t even come close to what they are doing in sales.

FYI here, I’m not an Amway Distributor, never have been. I’m just stating facts here, that if one company dares to dethrone Amway as the number network marketing company in the world, first they should be a real network marketing company too.

P.S. If I’m not in Amway? Where I’m at? My answer —>> I’m in the 2nd Amway that pays higher in bonuses because..

Click the link to know how & why 🙂

>>> The 2nd Amway <<


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