Right Sponsoring Mindset – Two things network marketers ‘should’ know

Technology has brought significant changes that have made things convenient for the better. And by these rapid changes, the business of network marketing has never been more exposed than today. In this modern day and age, the internet has allowed us to reach out people from far places as if they are just within reach from our fingertips; the capability to reach out people in massive scales within seconds (really cool realization). And because of this development, we can now literally find prospects from far places even without wandering around streets (which was entirely impossible way back then).

In this post, I’m not going to talk about online and offline prospecting. What I’m going to relay to you is the right mindset you must have when you’re doing sponsoring.

Key points

  • Prospecting is different from sponsoring
  • Sponsoring is your greatest tool to leverage your time.

The Right Attitude when sponsoring.

1) Is because You want to become successful. Knowing the law of leverage would help you understand why you should sponsor people in to your business. Knowing that you can leverage your time through other people (via sponsoring)

2) Is because You want to help them. This is the reason ‘why’ we use the term sponsor instead of ‘recruit’. In sponsoring, getting them ‘In’ is just the first step to the process of sponsoring. We will still train them, get them to attend meetings, and lock arms (guide) with them in the process of the journey.

To succeed in network marketing, you should help your team members to prosper.

I always hear this in our company – “true success in network marketing is when you help others succeed”.

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