Taking action – In a Special Moment in Time


… in a special moment in time

That’s probably the only title I had in mind as I’m writing this 🙂 kinda sounds cinematic though

For the next couple of days, I would take it up a notch or two on building my business, and that don’t mean like just massive pitching of my business out in the streets to any person who has a pulse. But rather, I would focus most of my energy on talking to more people that I would genuinely connect with – sounds cooler right? I promise you, it’s not just cool its more effective because it’s genuine.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Have you ever been in a situation or moment of opportunity wherein you just felt or know you just have to take action right then and there?

Right now I’m in a special moment, and I’m ecstatic about that. I’m talking about what’s going to happen for our company, something big is gonna happen.. (Not that I’m not taking any action before this, it’s just me understanding the situation and the moment where I can be part of something that will change the home based or network marketing industry.

If you’re in a situation where there’s a window of opportunity where there’s a lot to gain and little to almost nothing to lose – I strongly suggest you to take action and grab the opportunity. And I’m not just talking about business here, it can be about personal issues as well, like having the opportunity to be more engaged with more people if you’re a shy and antisocial person (like I used to be) or it can be a romantic situation, deciding whether to take full responsibility for your own success given a once in lifetime opportunity, or any other things that demands your action.

Everyone of us has these special moments, defining moments, and in business maybe it’s right now, that if you decide to take action Right NOW, a world of opportunities awaits you.

P.S It’s not what you say that makes you great, it’s what you do.

You might want to listen to this song – maybe it’ll help you to take action.


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