How to avoid pain, rejection and failure?

Can we totally avoid pain and rejection ? the answer is NO.

Cause the only possible way to avoid pain and failure in something in life is to do nothing – which is totally impossible to do when you’re alive and kicking.

And I think most people know this fact already.

You see, if one want to be successful in anything particular, one must accept the inevitable truth that he/she will experience pain and failure along the way in the journey of life.

So rather than avoiding on what is inevitable to happen (pain & rejection) – why not just learn to embrace the challenges and setbacks?

Cause speaking the truth of the matter here , if we are going to get our goals – working on our dreams and ambition, we’d better be on a hurry on learning to embrace the inevitable reality of pain ,rejection and failure is part of the journey.

P.S. It has been a while since my last blog post in this blog. I appreciate you for reading this, if you got some value from it, keep on rocking it.

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