The Funniest Ad I’ve seen this year..

Example of a captivating ad

The thing about ads or advertisements today is – that the more indifferent they are, the more it is likely to be remembered.

In most cases, a lot of big companies have made contract deals with big actors/actresses, big name athletes to promote or endorse their brand so that they can have a marketing competitive edge.over their competitors when it comes to building a brand identity -because we all know that actors/actresses & big name athletes have huge followings and huge influence.

On few occasions, when a company doesn’t have enough money to make deals with stars BUT do have the money to invest on some kind of advertisements such as bill boards, posters & print ads.

Having an ‘indifferent AD’ will make people look at the ad.

Cause you see, People naturally recognize things that are obviously not normal.

Anyway, this blog post is not really about me explaining anything. This is really just about the advertisement that I want to share with you guys that I think is really weird BUT in business sense captivating in the sense of it being not normal.

will you wear this while riding the MRT? LOL

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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P.S I don’t think I’d ever pull off a stunt like that in the MRT.


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