Daddy how much do you make an hour?

Hello there guys, I want to share with you a story, that I think is really good – that sends an amazing lesson -wake up call to people.

I’ve heard this story a ton of times already but every time a speaker tells this story- for some reason gives me the feeling of just hearing it for the first time.

So be sure to read this story below – enjoy fellas 🙂

Read slowly and take a good look at the story.

Start of the story

Daddy, how much do you earn per hour?” asked the child in a timid voice as his father came back home from work.

With a harsh tone, the father replied, – Listen son, those are matters that not even your mother knows about. Don’t bother me. I am very tired.

“But Daddy”  ” the child insisted”, “Please tell me how much you earn per hour.” 

This time the father’s reaction was less harsh and said:”US$20 per hour.

Daddy, may I please borrow US$10?” asked the child.

The father became angry and spoke to his son, – “So that was the reason why you wanted to know how much I earn. Go to sleep and don’t bother me, you selfish child.”

During the night, the father was thinking about the incident and started to feel guilty.

Maybe his son needed the money to buy something very important.

Then, wanting to put his conscience to rest, he went to his son’s room and speaking in a low tone, asked his son, “Are you asleep, son?”

“No, Daddy,” he responded half asleep.

Here’s the money that you asked, said the father.

“Thank you Daddy”, said the child.

At this point, he reached under his pillow

and took out some coins.

and said;

“Now, I have enough Daddy.

I have US$20 🙂

Would you sell me one hour of your time?”

This story usually brings tears to many including the speaker.

This story is a good reminder for us that it is okay to work for others when you’re starting out and young but we should not make it as a lifetime career or endeavor. We must have plan to one day start our business and have total control of what we earn.

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See you on the next blog post!


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