Random things that came to my mind today

As we wrap up this year, it’s good to look back on the things we’ve done for the year, looking on the good & bad side of things.

Looking back on the things we’ve learned this year -and to think about it if we took immediate action when we gained knowledge that can help us in what we want.

, and also the things or strategies or methods we’ve hesitated to do because of uncertainty, not having clarity on our vision.

While I was thinking about this – there’s this phrase inside my mind forming

Without having clarity on your vision, there’s fear to move forward.

You may know something intellectually, but if you don’t use it or don’t apply it – it’s almost useless to you.

Knowledge is not power. Applying your knowledge into something you can create or put into action is the real power.

And again another phrase or idea came to me .

No matter how much you say you want something, but if the action/s don’t reflect your words – it doesn’t matter how many times you say it, how many people you talk to about it – it means nothing, because if you’re not doing things enough to get results or be better in your craft, it doesn’t matter what you say because our Actions speaks louder than our words.

So, in my case, if I truly want to be successful in my chosen line of work/career – I need to get better every time, I need to study more, and more until I get better every time, a never ending learning process.

And that means, I have to read more, apply more, and practice more on what I have to say on my presentations and how I say things.

This also means, accepting to take full responsibility on my own results – accepting the idea ‘that if I want to be successful – my results will depend on me and not by luck.

by hard work and perseverance.

And working with the right principles and mindset.

Just my random thoughts today.

See you on the next blog post!


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