Why should you make more money in 2015?

This question is something that wasn’t asked directly from me, but rather it was communicated to me in a indirect way from people that I had a chance to communicate to for past 6 months, they all have this “One thing in common” – that is that Most of them need to make more money.

Make more money in 2015

Again, they didn’t directly say it, but all the complaining, and wanting to do something But just can’t due to lack of funds – Is just the other & longer way of saying ” I need more money”.

By the way, I don’t know if this is your first time reading

here or not, but if yes – I’ll just say it again for you that money isn’t equivalent to happiness but it surely can help you solve a lot of your problems if you use it the right way”.

Back again to my the main topic – Why should you make more money in 2015?

I have a lot of answers that I have in mind but I’ll just limit this blog post to two reasons why you should make more money this 2015.

# 1 -The level of complaining has gone bizarre.

A lot of people complain about the lack of money they get from their employers – truth be told here, having not enough of money is subjective. For Instances, a person that is earning an average salary but is single and is living with his/her parents who happens to be doing quite well has more money to spend for his own than a person who has his/her own family to feed and is paying rent & utility bills. Either of the two type of person above shouldn’t complain about having not enough money – because it doesn’t do anything productive but rather one should focus their energy & time on finding ways to make more money.

Instead of wasting your time & energy on complaining, I suggest you to redirect your efforts on finding ways to make more money and then focus your time & energy on that.

#2 – YOU and I love to travel.

Who doesn’t like seeing the beautiful sky & trees,mountains and the sea? How about walking in the beach near the sea on bare foot appreciating the beautiful view of the beach while hearing the sound of the waves? Who doesn’t?

Not a lot of people, if there are.

One stumbling block is the lack of money. 

Traveling the backpacker way wouldn’t require you and I to spend much money. The real problem here is the fact of not saving enough money or non at all.

Maybe due to either not having enough funds because of circumstances that are valid or maybe it’s just because of undisciplined spending.

To get over this – you should get another Job that pays you more or be promoted or just a business you can do on the side while having a job, or if you’re a businessman – start a new business again.

There’s a lot of things you can make you money out there.

Bottom line is, whatever it is that you’re going to do to make more money this 2015 – Go out there & make it happen!

I wish you all the success and let’s crush 2015.


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