Should you use social networking sites to promote your business?

Quick answer- Yes. Absolutely.

Yes, you should use the technology that we have today to promote your brand. There’s never been a time ever, in the history of man kind, that’s been easier & affordable for all of us to promote our brands to people that matters to our business.

With that said, let me say that there are things you have to consider when you do promote your business, brand & product/s.

# 1 Social Networks are platforms for social interactions.

Why do I want you to keep this in mind when’s it’s already obvious? For one, most people use Facebook and other social media sites to bombard people about their business.

Nobody gives a crap about your shampoo, soap or incredibly beautiful T-shirt. Most of the time, people won’t look at your product offer or whatever offer you have.

And when you try to bombard your timeline with posts about your products, and how cool your products are every single time.

People, in the long run, will eventually won’t give a damn about your posts.

Because they’re sick & tired of seeing your product/s whenever they see you on Facebook, Instagram or wherever.

Again, keep in mind, that social media sites are for social interactions. Interact with people. Be there to make friends, to connect with long lost friends, to connect with new people and give value.

# 2 Be authentic. Be real. Be you.

You might say, that it’s a bad idea for some people. Because not all of us has a cool personality and you might say that some are blessed with a talkative & charismatic DNA crap.

While some or most of us are boring speakers, we have boring topics, we are not used to telling cool stories that people would want to be engage in. We suck at saying nice things that makes people want to hang out with you.

I get you. I get you. But I got good news for you – It doesn’t matter!

It doesn’t matter that you’re not good now or you don’t have any freaking credibility.

What matters is that you want to progress, you want to improve in your craft, you want to get better in your thing.

That’s what matters. Because you can change. And even If you think your current self is not the kind of person people will trust and believe in. Change yourself.. and become your better you.

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