Talk only to those who want to Listen!

I’m writing this down because there’s something within me that wants to say this to you (my readers.)

That is -“Talk only to people who are interested to what you have to say.”

I’m not talking about normal or casual conversations here.

Of course, I’m not telling you to not talk with anyone, I’m not telling or recommending you in anyway to be a jerk. That’s not it.

(In fact, I want you to interact with as much as many people possible – but this is a different topic.)

I’m talking about the topics you hold dear, the topics that are important to you. I’m talking about those.

I truly believe, at the bottom of my heart that you should give your time & focus to people who wants to listen to your story. Because if you do this, you will surely save a lot of frustrations. I mean really, just a look at it from a time standpoint, to the cash you can save, and to the energy you might have exerted if you’ve talked to people who are not interested in your product story or whatever. I believe that if you give your best on finding the best people for your business, finding the right audience for your marketing, you will be executing more efficiently and smoothly because you are in a position to do so.

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P.S Just share it to those who really want to listen! 🙂


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