Stop judging others and Start focusing on YOU!

I always remind myself to focus on me.

On how I can improve and be better on my chosen career path.

And I promise myself to not compare myself too much with other people, especially comparing myself with people that have chosen a different path from what I’m taking.

Look, we all have different paths to success. I just happen to take the business path and be an entrepreneur because I know this is really what I want.

And I didn’t made that decision just on a whim. I really thought about it hard and I really gave time to sit down and think if being an entrepreneur is really I want.

And yeah, this is really what I freaking want. And for the reasons, I think I’ll post it another blog post.

Putting that aside, this is about YOU and not about others. This is about knowing why you want what you’re doing. And there is NO sense! No sense for you to think and judge what other people are doing with their respective career paths because for the simple fact that you are not them.

It makes no sense, really I’ll keep repeating that until you keep that in mind.

“It makes no sense.” 

It makes no sense because you should be focusing on improving yourself on your craft, thinking of ways on how you should excel or improve yourself.

And to finish this rant of mine, come on now, think about the reason why do you even bother to think about others when you don’t even bother to sit down and plan about yours?

Do you know your plans? or do you even have plans?

Either way, it doesn’t matter because you should be focusing your energy on you.


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