Random rant about advice & being on the same page

I just want to rant and talk about advice and being on the same page with whom you’re talking to.

It’s extremely critical to know that you’re on the same page with the person or people you’re giving advice with.

I made a blog post that talks about talking to the right audience – you can see it here!

Just random thought, that I want to sneak in here is about who should you listen to when it comes to advice.. Just to be quick here- Listen to people who do their own advice!

Anyway back to being on the same page. When giving an advice you have to be absolutely sure that the person you’re giving an advice gives a crap about what you’re saying. If the person you’re talking with doesn’t think that what you’re saying is credible and is actually for the betterment… Then.. you’re wasting your time.

Because you’re giving an advice to a person who doesn’t see your advice as something that is a must do.. or is credible.

Just to make it clear here, I as a person only gives advice on something that I’m confident of.. and to people I really care about.

So the next time you’re gonna give an advice to a person, whether it’s your business partner, brother, sister or your romantic partner be sure to know that you’re on the same page or else you’re wasting both of your time! And time is an asset!

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