The cliche of making a “new year’s resolution”

Whether you’re still doing it or not anymore. It is an obvious fact that many are still making new year’s resolutions, it’s a tradition for most people to make a stand for what they want to accomplish for the new calendar year.

New years are awesome, for one they make people start afresh, fresh start to make good things, dream for better things, and work on it.

I just think, that if a person have done the same new years resolution, such as – losing weight, making more money, making more friends, traveling more.. and are the same things you’ve been making a resolution for years now..

In my humble opinion.. one should stop.

I mean, it’s crazy for people to think that the calendar itself is the start. The start of making things happen always start when YOU start it yourself.

So, when you plan to make 2016 your BEST YEAR EVER.

Instead of just making a wishlist of what you want to accomplish and have.

Focus on the other things that matter more..

What are the things we should do to make what we want a reality.

With that being said..

Happy new year to you & your family


Let’s grind & hustle this 2016.