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A dreamer, Fun guy, Music person, loves to meet a lot of fun & cool type people. My mission is to help a lot of people find their happiness and realize their dreams.

New year goal : 150 Videos on 2018

Another new year’s resolution blog post for me.

This year (2017) is about to end.

At the start of the year I made a quantity goal of making & uploading 100 videos on my social media accounts.

As of this writing, I managed to upload 52 videos, falling short of 48 videos of my goal.

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Trusting the process

day 3 (73)


It’s been 7 years since I’ve began this entrepreneur journey.

So many things had happened since then, so many things have changed.

Over the years of this journey, I can fairly say that I have been committed on improving myself to be the best that I can be.

Even though I wouldn’t as far say that all the things I’ve done were all for failure.

The truth is I am very far away from where I like myself to be in.

This year 2017, I began to take a different approach right from the get go.

This year, I started my YouTube Channel.

I started spending more time on my Facebook Shop.

As far as productivity goes in content creating and brand awareness, this year was by far the best year.

Even though 2017 is still more than a month away from being over.

The 50 videos I’ve made so far is the proof of the work I’ve put in this year.

Even though I’m far from achieving success, and was failing short every year from the expectations I’ve set myself.

I will still continue this path of trying to achieve my dreams.





The most undervalued strategy -“Work more.”


“It’s not what you know that counts, it’s what you DO with what you know”

There are have been many instances in my life, where I’ve thought too much and did little (action) on the plans I made.

Every new year, I give thanks to my God. I’m grateful for all the blessing that comes my way, grateful for another year of opportunity.

This year..

Was the same, l felt blessed more than ever.

BUT at the same time.

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Be effective

2 nights ago, I was talking with my brother about productivity, efficiency, and being effective.

Being productive means you’ve produced significant amount of results.

On the other hand, being efficient means getting the most out of your resources, such as time and money.

And being effective means you’re doing it right.

Obviously, you can’t be productive, if you’re not effective.


The question that came to my mind were, can one be productive without being efficient?

After thinking about it, my answer is it depends.

For one, efficiency is kind of the factor makes this confusing.

Sports Sample


For example, Russell Westbrook who is a Phenomenal NBA player scored 51 points in a Playoff game. That’s productive in terms of points.

But he wasn’t efficient on that game hitting only 17-43 of his field goal attempts.

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Getting Results is the goal

I’m writing this down thinking, if I should just make this blog more of a compilation of my at the moment ideas rather than trying to make articles I couldn’t make consistently.

So I could finally make more blog posts.

More honest, raw.

So, the title “getting results is the goal” is a belief I’ve held for a very long time, and still do. It’s just right now, I’m doubling it down.

You see, I think, pure hard work will never be replaced to achieve any level of success.

All successful people I follow, have this common belief and say hard work cannot be replaced.

And I get that 100% with all my heart.

But what I think, the main focus of everyone else, or people like who are aspiring to get success in their respective careers should be getting results.

Because if you are not focus on that, you’re probably not working enough, thinking enough, being resourceful enough.

That’s what I’m gonna think about myself If I don’t get the progress I want for this year.

I’m not going to make excuses.



No Excuses. No buts.

I Started this year a little bit differently, aside from making the same old new year’s resolution and MAKING a strategic plan of actions on how to achieve the goals for the year.

Instead of JUST doing all those things.

The same thing did for years.

I decided I’m going to make a PLAN B.

A plan, that the in case I don’t get the type of success I want for the year (2017), there should be some consequence for it.

And that Plan B is to work abroad for 2 years and drastically earn more than I could possibly earn here in the Philippines

And Save up significant amount of money after 2 years, go home and go all in again in business.

This is the plan B.

But for now, I’m focus on Plan A.


Random thoughts -The never ending study 01/13/17

There’s a belief in the Philippines, that one of the ultimate successes in life is finishing your studies way up to getting your college degree.

Parents feeling happy and proud for the milestone of their Child finally getting their diploma.

In my academic years, I’ve always heard the phrase – “Education is Important”.

To every level I got, I’ve heard it. On Elementary, High school and College.

And I agree. Strongly. 

For me, Education is extremely important, I know It’ll be funny to hear that from me to my former classmates and schoolmates, because they know that I never was a good student. I was the type of student who seemed never interested on the class.

Oddly fascinating right now that even after graduating in college for about 3 years now, is I find myself still trying to learn new things, and constantly trying to improve skills that I deemed to have some importance to the path I’m taking .