The most undervalued strategy -“Work more.”


“It’s not what you know that counts, it’s what you DO with what you know”

There are have been many instances in my life, where I’ve thought too much and did little (action) on the plans I made.

Every new year, I give thanks to my God. I’m grateful for all the blessing that comes my way, grateful for another year of opportunity.

This year..

Was the same, l felt blessed more than ever.

BUT at the same time.

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Getting Results is the goal

I’m writing this down thinking, if I should just make this blog more of a compilation of my at the moment ideas rather than trying to make articles I couldn’t make consistently.

So I could finally make more blog posts.

More honest, raw.

So, the title “getting results is the goal” is a belief I’ve held for a very long time, and still do. It’s just right now, I’m doubling it down.

You see, I think, pure hard work will never be replaced to achieve any level of success.

All successful people I follow, have this common belief and say hard work cannot be replaced.

And I get that 100% with all my heart.

But what I think, the main focus of everyone else, or people like who are aspiring to get success in their respective careers should be getting results.

Because if you are not focus on that, you’re probably not working enough, thinking enough, being resourceful enough.

That’s what I’m gonna think about myself If I don’t get the progress I want for this year.

I’m not going to make excuses.



No Excuses. No buts.

I Started this year a little bit differently, aside from making the same old new year’s resolution and MAKING a strategic plan of actions on how to achieve the goals for the year.

Instead of JUST doing all those things.

The same thing did for years.

I decided I’m going to make a PLAN B.

A plan, that the in case I don’t get the type of success I want for the year (2017), there should be some consequence for it.

And that Plan B is to work abroad for 2 years and drastically earn more than I could possibly earn here in the Philippines

And Save up significant amount of money after 2 years, go home and go all in again in business.

This is the plan B.

But for now, I’m focus on Plan A.


The cliche of making a “new year’s resolution”

Whether you’re still doing it or not anymore. It is an obvious fact that many are still making new year’s resolutions, it’s a tradition for most people to make a stand for what they want to accomplish for the new calendar year.

New years are awesome, for one they make people start afresh, fresh start to make good things, dream for better things, and work on it.

I just think, that if a person have done the same new years resolution, such as – losing weight, making more money, making more friends, traveling more.. and are the same things you’ve been making a resolution for years now..

In my humble opinion.. one should stop.

I mean, it’s crazy for people to think that the calendar itself is the start. The start of making things happen always start when YOU start it yourself.

So, when you plan to make 2016 your BEST YEAR EVER.

Instead of just making a wishlist of what you want to accomplish and have.

Focus on the other things that matter more..

What are the things we should do to make what we want a reality.

With that being said..

Happy new year to you & your family


Let’s grind & hustle this 2016.

Random rant about advice & being on the same page

I just want to rant and talk about advice and being on the same page with whom you’re talking to.

It’s extremely critical to know that you’re on the same page with the person or people you’re giving advice with.

I made a blog post that talks about talking to the right audience – you can see it here!

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Why should you make more money in 2015?

This question is something that wasn’t asked directly from me, but rather it was communicated to me in a indirect way from people that I had a chance to communicate to for past 6 months, they all have this “One thing in common” – that is that Most of them need to make more money.

Make more money in 2015

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