Saying goodbye to this blog

I finally have my own website

For years, I have only used platforms such as medium,, and this site to blog.

To share my ideas, to share my knowledge on the internet.

Last year, 2017 I started my YouTube channel and started focusing on video content.

Although, I think the video will still be my main focus on content creation, I think from here onward I will be putting written content on the side as well.

Here’s my site-

Meaning I won’t blog here anymore. If ever I do post content here will be a shorter version of what I will post on my new blog. 



Uncertainty & frustration

I’m writing this blog for myself, my future self as a reminder of swhat I felt, know and did in the past. At least some of it when I feel like writing.

Today, for the first time in a while I felt down. I’m in a very strange part in my life, at a young age I had a vision of what my life would look like, what I would be like at this age ( 27 years)

It was my choice to do this. To go on the journey of entrepreneurship, the journey full of uncertainties.

I started this Journey very seriously at a young age of 20 years old, since then I’ve been constantly pursuing success. Sure, there were years where I was lost and kinda faked hustled, particularly on 2015 & 2016.

Last year, 2017 was the year where it started to get clear.

Clear goals, clear actions.

2017 – I started making videos on YouTube.

To build a brand. To build something.

I finished 2017 making a total of 52 videos, making 2017 the year I have made the most content.

But the hard truth was I also finished 2017 with almost non existent results.

less than a 10 subscribers, most of them where family members and some friends.

2017 was about to end in just a few minutes.

Again, I was left looking at the bright fireworks frustrated, down and wondering if I’ll ever make my parents proud of me, my mom proud of me, myself proud.

My mom has done so much for me.

I want to make her proud of me. I want to have the ability to make her happy. I want to have the money so I can make her have the option to not work as hard as she does now.

I was left wondering, anxious if I’ll ever be able to do it.

Just a few minutes in the year of 2018, I pulled myself together, I need to make this work. I owe a lot to my mom, the least I can do is to make this work.

I started 2018 with a mindset, that 2017 was a failed year because I didn’t do enough.

So I started 2018 with a mindset to do MORE. Substantially more.

Today as of this writing, I have already uploaded a total of 36 videos. Compared that to last year at this point of the year, I only have uploaded 19 videos.

I almost doubled my output of last year’s 5 month run.

Even then, today I felt kinda odd, I looked at my numbers ( views, money spent, money remaining) and the pieces doesn’t look good.

Even though I’m pacing to do more videos this year, I’m a results guy.

The reason I work harder, and make no excuses is because I want to get results.

Even then, today I kinda feel odd, felt sad a little bit, some negative emotion slid in and left me thinking of the consequences of me pursuing this and failing.

Maybe later, or maybe tomorrow this feeling will go away.

Until then.

The side effect of excuses

First of all, as of this writing, I’d just want to clarify that I’m not successful by any means.

This is not to convince anyone.

In fact, if I wanted to, I’d post this on my social media accounts rather than on this blog that gets almost No views LOL.

I’m writing this for myself.

Currently, I’m still pursuing my dreams and aspirations in life. I have yet to have a year in which I can proudly say that year was successful.

In fact, every year, I always fell short on achieving my goals.

Recently I had a talk with people whom are close to me, about making excuses.

Every year of failing on getting my goals, I have yet to blame circumstances or my situation.

It’s not because I have a tough mentality, it’s more about not accepting that success is majorly dependent on circumstance and situation.

If I make excuses of my circumstance, situation, and lack of resources, is the same thing of my telling myself that for me to be successful is based on a lot of luck.

If that were the case, why should I work hard? Why should I pursue to get more knowledge, sharpen my knowledge, put that to practice.

Why would I bother to do more than others, study more than others, strive to know more than others, work harder than others.

If it is dominantly base on luck.

That… readers of this blog is the reason, I never see myself make excuses.

and blaming external forces the reason why I failed.




2018 Update

Last year was the first year I became a video content creator.

This 2018 , I started the year with clear goals, action goals, and targets I should work on.

I broadcast on this blog that I want to be able to make 150 videos for the whole year of 2018.

That’s about 3 video uploads per week on average ( 50 weeks x 3 videos = 150 videos)

So far right now, week 22 I should have uploaded 66 videos by now.

Instead I have only uploaded 35 videos, making my target uploads short by 31 as of now.

Today is the start of week 22, and If I will be able to still achieve the 150 uploads this year.

I need to ramp up my uploads big time.

There are 30 weeks remaining for the year, So If i still want to hit the 150 videos upload target, I need to start uploading 5 videos a week for that to happen starting this week.

New year goal : 150 Videos on 2018

Another new year’s resolution blog post for me.

This year (2017) is about to end.

At the start of the year I made a quantity goal of making & uploading 100 videos on my social media accounts.

As of this writing, I managed to upload 52 videos, falling short of 48 videos of my goal.

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Trusting the process

day 3 (73)


It’s been 7 years since I’ve began this entrepreneur journey.

So many things had happened since then, so many things have changed.

Over the years of this journey, I can fairly say that I have been committed on improving myself to be the best that I can be.

Even though I wouldn’t as far say that all the things I’ve done were all for failure.

The truth is I am very far away from where I like myself to be in.

This year 2017, I began to take a different approach right from the get go.

This year, I started my YouTube Channel.

I started spending more time on my Facebook Shop.

As far as productivity goes in content creating and brand awareness, this year was by far the best year.

Even though 2017 is still more than a month away from being over.

The 50 videos I’ve made so far is the proof of the work I’ve put in this year.

Even though I’m far from achieving success, and was failing short every year from the expectations I’ve set myself.

I will still continue this path of trying to achieve my dreams.





Be effective

2 nights ago, I was talking with my brother about productivity, efficiency, and being effective.

Being productive means you’ve produced significant amount of results.

On the other hand, being efficient means getting the most out of your resources, such as time and money.

And being effective means you’re doing it right.

Obviously, you can’t be productive, if you’re not effective.


The question that came to my mind were, can one be productive without being efficient?

After thinking about it, my answer is it depends.

For one, efficiency is kind of the factor makes this confusing.

Sports Sample


For example, Russell Westbrook who is a Phenomenal NBA player scored 51 points in a Playoff game. That’s productive in terms of points.

But he wasn’t efficient on that game hitting only 17-43 of his field goal attempts.

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