My Simple goals for the year

Every year, especially at the first month of a year, people have made goals for them to accomplish.

I for one, though had an amazing year last year. It wasn’t the year that I accomplished a lot of my goals, especially my career goals.

It was another year of falling short to my financial goals.

Specific goals will vary from person to person, but we can all agree that most of us are pursuing for a better income every year.

Financially, I’d like this year to be the best year yet for me money wise. So that’s #1.

#2 is I’d like to ‘travel more’ this year with more friends. Last year 2016, was the year I traveled the most with friends. All things considered, I only just went to 4 destinations Tagaytay , Subic Puerto Princesa Palawan, and Cebu.

#3 I’d like to blog more.

This blog has not seen much action last year, and while my other blog had an amazing view count last year, I didn’t really made that much content on it either.

Again, this was a resolution I wrote last year that I didn’t pushed through. So, writing this again and not pushing through again would be laughable.

So instead of just, saying I’d make more content. I decided to sit down and think want kind of content do I want to share that is blog worthy or worth reading.

And I thought, of blogging about the documentation of my business career for this year. Such as some TRUE story sales story, sales updates, and .

#4 Starting my YouTube Channel and start posting videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Marketing is attention. And the latest attention medium right now is video. So instead of just reading a text with some few photos of a blog of me eating ramen in some ramen shop, isn’t it better If I could talk to a camera and show you the actual experience by seeing it via video?




Family, friendship,love ones, and career

I’ve always believe that money can’t buy happiness. Happiness is an emotional state, it can’t be bought. It’s not possible.

But even after that fact, I just can’t deny that money is still important.

Yeah, money can’t buy happiness, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t care about it.

In fact, the few or many people who says that money can’t buy happiness, still works their face off to have money. They still go to their jobs, they still operate their businesses if they’re entrepreneurs.

Because money, if you think about it, is just a medium, we use to get our needs & wants.

It’s just a tool to get what we need and want.

People don’t want to be millionaires – they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. – Tim Ferris –

For me, I think the liberty to spend more quality time with family and friends, it’s experiencing new things, it’s exploring what the world has to offer. It’s having the ability to contribute to others.

We can only do this, when we have the means, which is money, time, and ability.

One of the things I want to do every now & then is to travel, at the very least inside the country (Philippines).

I think, that this is one the best ways to get the most of out money, it’s experiencing different cultures, tasting their cuisines, talking to locals, and traveling with friends.

It’s a good ambition.

But for it to become a reality, I need to work my chosen career path.



The cliche of making a “new year’s resolution”

Whether you’re still doing it or not anymore. It is an obvious fact that many are still making new year’s resolutions, it’s a tradition for most people to make a stand for what they want to accomplish for the new calendar year.

New years are awesome, for one they make people start afresh, fresh start to make good things, dream for better things, and work on it.

I just think, that if a person have done the same new years resolution, such as – losing weight, making more money, making more friends, traveling more.. and are the same things you’ve been making a resolution for years now..

In my humble opinion.. one should stop.

I mean, it’s crazy for people to think that the calendar itself is the start. The start of making things happen always start when YOU start it yourself.

So, when you plan to make 2016 your BEST YEAR EVER.

Instead of just making a wishlist of what you want to accomplish and have.

Focus on the other things that matter more..

What are the things we should do to make what we want a reality.

With that being said..

Happy new year to you & your family


Let’s grind & hustle this 2016.

Random rant about advice & being on the same page

I just want to rant and talk about advice and being on the same page with whom you’re talking to.

It’s extremely critical to know that you’re on the same page with the person or people you’re giving advice with.

I made a blog post that talks about talking to the right audience – you can see it here!

Just random thought, that I want to sneak in here is about who should you listen to when it comes to advice.. Just to be quick here- Listen to people who do their own advice! Continue reading

Why small business owners do a budget plan? and some tips to budgeting


Why do they? Why do they do that?

I think the questions above are smart questions. Why do you need to budget, especially if you are building your business as a small business owner?

Again, the smart question is ‘Why’?

For one, even if you are not a business owner, you should have a budget plan to follow..

The purpose of a budget plan is to be a guide for you to spend your money wisely accordingly to your financial goals and of course not overspend beyond your means.

Continue reading

Stop judging others and Start focusing on YOU!

I always remind myself to focus on me.

On how I can improve and be better on my chosen career path.

And I promise myself to not compare myself too much with other people, especially comparing myself with people that have chosen a different path from what I’m taking.

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Talk only to those who want to Listen!

I’m writing this down because there’s something within me that wants to say this to you (my readers.)

That is -“Talk only to people who are interested to what you have to say.”

I’m not talking about normal or casual conversations here.

Of course, I’m not telling you to not talk with anyone, I’m not telling or recommending you in anyway to be a jerk. That’s not it.

(In fact, I want you to interact with as much as┬ámany people possible – but this is a different topic.) Continue reading