Random rant about advice & being on the same page

I just want to rant and talk about advice and being on the same page with whom you’re talking to.

It’s extremely critical to know that you’re on the same page with the person or people you’re giving advice with.

I made a blog post that talks about talking to the right audience – you can see it here!

Just random thought, that I want to sneak in here is about who should you listen to when it comes to advice.. Just to be quick here- Listen to people who do their own advice! Continue reading

Why small business owners do a budget plan? and some tips to budgeting


Why do they? Why do they do that?

I think the questions above are smart questions. Why do you need to budget, especially if you are building your business as a small business owner?

Again, the smart question is ‘Why’?

For one, even if you are not a business owner, you should have a budget plan to follow..

The purpose of a budget plan is to be a guide for you to spend your money wisely accordingly to your financial goals and of course not overspend beyond your means.

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Stop judging others and Start focusing on YOU!

I always remind myself to focus on me.

On how I can improve and be better on my chosen career path.

And I promise myself to not compare myself too much with other people, especially comparing myself with people that have chosen a different path from what I’m taking.

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Talk only to those who want to Listen!

I’m writing this down because there’s something within me that wants to say this to you (my readers.)

That is -“Talk only to people who are interested to what you have to say.”

I’m not talking about normal or casual conversations here.

Of course, I’m not telling you to not talk with anyone, I’m not telling or recommending you in anyway to be a jerk. That’s not it.

(In fact, I want you to interact with as much as┬ámany people possible – but this is a different topic.) Continue reading

Should you use social networking sites to promote your business?

Quick answer- Yes. Absolutely.

Yes, you should use the technology that we have today to promote your brand. There’s never been a time ever, in the history of man kind, that’s been easier & affordable for all of us to promote our brands to people that matters to our business.

With that said, let me say that there are things you have to consider when you do promote your business, brand & product/s.

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Why should you make more money in 2015?

This question is something that wasn’t asked directly from me, but rather it was communicated to me in a indirect way from people that I had a chance to communicate to for past 6 months, they all have this “One thing in common” – that is that Most of them need to make more money.

Make more money in 2015

Again, they didn’t directly say it, but all the complaining, and wanting to do something But just can’t due to lack of funds – Is just the other & longer way of saying ” I need more money”. Continue reading