Be effective

2 nights ago, I was talking with my brother about productivity, efficiency, and being effective.

Being productive means you’ve produced significant amount of results.

On the other hand, being efficient means getting the most out of your resources, such as time and money.

And being effective means you’re doing it right.

Obviously, you can’t be productive, if you’re not effective.


The question that came to my mind were, can one be productive without being efficient?

After thinking about it, my answer is it depends.

For one, efficiency is kind of the factor makes this confusing.

Sports Sample


For example, Russell Westbrook who is a Phenomenal NBA player scored 51 points in a Playoff game. That’s productive in terms of points.

But he wasn’t efficient on that game hitting only 17-43 of his field goal attempts.

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85% ATTITUDE , 15% on skills

A few days ago, I had a super cool experience as our founder and CEO in my MLM company conducted a very special training for us. I tell you, it was totally a blast.

The topic of the training is about attitude vs skills.The training was not the typical seminar type that we usually do. Rather, it was presented in a play/skit where we got to imagine, think and analyze and all that. Anyway, what I want to share to YOU, the basic things that were discussed in the training.

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Do what the rich people do


Lately, I’ve been reading blogs and articles about business which tackled on topics like trends on the market, business news and of course, network marketing.  I’m not the type of person who is fond of reading.

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Working to make money..a bad thing…?

 A lot of people work hard because they want to earn money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In my own humble opinion, I think earning money is one of the main reasons people strive to work hard , it’s either they get it through their paychecks (employment) or from profit (business).

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Introduction.. hi!

Hi, Welcome to my blog.

I’m Josh, if you’re interested to have a more personal connection with me, feel free to add me on Facebook. My Facebook.

Okay.. hello, hi there, there are lot of reasons of why you’re here.. I can think of a few ( just got by, read a blog post, a link you got from me, a link on my wall, etc ).., and whatever reason it is, you’re very welcome to read/surf my blog.

Anyway, Why did I make a blog?  Well, a lot of people seem to be blogging, and as I see it.. its an effective way to express your opinions and knowledge online. I started this blog with the intention to SHARE my insights on things that I hope can be of help to people on just about anything I share. Specifically, I’ll be sharing greatly on my experiences and stories as a BIG dreamer, a FUN person and an entrepreneur. I’ll also be sharing my ideas and take on network marketing as a network marketer.