Taking action – In a Special Moment in Time


… in a special moment in time

That’s probably the only title I had in mind as I’m writing this 🙂 kinda sounds cinematic though Continue reading


My business experience -Don’t get too emotional, just let them be :)


credits: http://neth-water.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Depression.jpg

I want to share to you very quick here, a very fascinating thing I’ve observed over the time through the course of my network marketing business. Continue reading

Aboard in the “DLC” Caravan- Just Get in!


It’s going to be Tuesday in a couples of minutes by now, and I just had a sudden urge to write a blog post.

Here in a moment I just want to talk to you and share to you the ‘secret’ DLC caravan and invite you to come aboard.

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My No-brainer reasons why I joined DLC (the 2nd Amway)

There are a lot of people involved in the network marketing industry, and last year the biggest network marketing company in the world (Amway) has broken again it’s record on sales in a year. This should be one of the reasons to be excited in this business and the industry has never been bigger.

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