Trusting the process

day 3 (73)


It’s been 7 years since I’ve began this entrepreneur journey.

So many things had happened since then, so many things have changed.

Over the years of this journey, I can fairly say that I have been committed on improving myself to be the best that I can be.

Even though I wouldn’t as far say that all the things I’ve done were all for failure.

The truth is I am very far away from where I like myself to be in.

This year 2017, I began to take a different approach right from the get go.

This year, I started my YouTube Channel.

I started spending more time on my Facebook Shop.

As far as productivity goes in content creating and brand awareness, this year was by far the best year.

Even though 2017 is still more than a month away from being over.

The 50 videos I’ve made so far is the proof of the work I’ve put in this year.

Even though I’m far from achieving success, and was failing short every year from the expectations I’ve set myself.

I will still continue this path of trying to achieve my dreams.